Basic Information:

  • First match starts on time (warm up prior)…5 minute warm up for subsequent matches.
  • Teams are allowed one 30 second time out per set/game.
  • Only 3 minutes are allowed in between sets/games.
  • A 10 minute grace period is allowed before forfeiting the first set; another 10 minutes before forfeiting the rest of the match. This includes the 5 minutes of warm up. (If a team is more than 20 minutes late, the match results in a forfeit.)
  • Play 3 sets to 21 (23 point cap) using rally scoring.
  • The receiving team must rotate on their first serve.
  • Equipment—poles serve as antennas and ropes are the lines.
  • Our complexes are family- friendly, please refrain from unsportsmanlike conduct and foul language. Referees will use their discretion in issuing warnings or player/team removals.
  • Kids are not allowed on the courts at any time for the safety of all participants and spectators. Refs have been instructed to cease play until children are removed from the playing area.
  • Outside food and drink are not allowed.
  • Please call the rainout hotline 1 ½ hours before your match. 314-375-5885 or you can register to receive automatic updates via email or text by clicking “Rainout Line” from our website home page.


  • Teams qualify for playoffs based on winning %. In the event of a tie, the following tie breakers will be used.
  1. Winning Percentage
  2. Head-To-Head/Group
  3. Common Opponents
  4. Strength of Schedule
  5. Lowest Number of Forfeits
  6. Coin Toss
  • Teams who qualify for playoffs will play 2 out of 3 sets to determine which team moves on in tournament play. The first 2 sets will be played to 21 (23 point cap) using rally scoring. The third game will be played to 15, and teams should switch sides at 8.
  • Since matches may run ahead of schedule, be sure to arrive early.
  • Only subs which have played in regular league play are permitted in playoffs. Opposing teams must protest before match begins.
  • Tournament winners only will be awarded shirts.


  • Let serve (a serve that hits the net and goes over) is legal.
  • Touching the net is illegal and results in a point for the opposing team.
  • Attacking or blocking a serve is illegal. Overhead passing (setting) a serve is legal in 6s.
  • Contact is legal on any part of the body as long as the ball does not come to rest (lift).
  • Back Row Attacks--it will be the ref’s discretion as to whether a player is behind the “invisible” 10’ line in order to jump and attack the ball legally. This is a judgment call, so the ref has the final say.
  • Teams may play with as little as 4 players--minimum of 2 females, no more than 3 males. Players must rotate (even if you have 4 players) since it is a 6s league. If you have 5 players, 3 must be in the front row.
  • Females are not required to have a contact during a rally.
  • A lift (or carry…when the ball is held for an extended period of time…comes to rest) will be called as follows at the referee’s discretion:
  • Recreational – only for a deliberate/obvious throw. Refs will be VERY lenient with regard to this foul and allow play.
  • High Rec – SOMEWHAT lenient, but should be called with consistency
  • Intermediate – NOT lenient , lifts are not allowed


  • Overhead passing (setting) a serve is illegal.
  • Double hits are only allowed on first contact of a hard driven ball. If you use an overhead pass, it must be clean (no more than 1 ½ rotations on the ball).
  • Shoulders must be square to the net in order to set the ball over.
  • Open hand tips are not allowed. Unless “Women’s 4s” any combination of males/females is allowed.
  • No player is considered back row. All players may attack the ball.
  • No leniency on calling lifts. The ref will use discretion (as stated above, 1 ½ rotations are allowed)


  • Follow the 6s rules above.
  • Lifts will be called at the referee’s discretion using a somewhat lenient policy. Refs will treat juniors’ leagues similarly to high recreational leagues.


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